Monday, February 11, 2008

Movie reviews!

Hey guys, just thought I'd start doing some movie reviews because as you can tell, I really like movies. Today I saw THREE different movies, so every time I watch a movie, if I think about it lol, I'll review it. So today we have The Number 23, Fools Gold, and Joshua. I'm going to rate them on a scale of 1-5... skeins of yarn? Wow that's crappy. It's all I can think of knitting related though so here we go. 1 means I hated it and would never watch it again, 5 means I LOVED it and will definitely want it for my collection.

The Number 23: That was a weird movie. I mean, I liked it, it was very intriguing, but it was weird. I was afraid that I'd start seeing the number 23 everywhere but I didn't really, although Jim Carrey plays an excellent psycho. I didn't like the way it ended but at least it was realistic, not some cheesy ending. I really liked it. Would I watch it again? Hmm.. this is an important question for me, as I value rewatching movies over and over... I think I would, but not just for the sake of rewatching it, I'd need someone to watch it with me or something. I give it 3 skeins of yarn. :)

Joshua: Ok, this movie is not a good knitting movie. They hardly ever talk, and when they do you want to see what's going on anyway. I think it could have been better directed, or written maybe, because there were important things about Joshua's character, his genius, that they don't really show, and I think it's important for the viewers to know what's going on in his head as much as possible. He was so innocent looking, but he's really just evil. I also give it 3 skeins of yarn, if only because it was a horrible knitting movie.

Fools Gold: I LOVE this movie. First of all, if you're a human being you know that Matthew McConaughey is the hottest man there is... especially all tanned and toned... lol anyway, I'm off topic. It was such a good movie, although the part about what there treasure is and what happened to it is a little confusing. There's this whole thing about.... nah, I'll ruin it for you. ;) My favorite part of the movie (not a spoiler, this was previewed) Is when they're in the airplane, because she's like "how do you know how to do this?" and he's like "Playstation" and she's like "Oh, god... we're going to die..." And then a minute later she's like "I can't believe we're flying!" and he's like "yep!" and she said "How are we going to land?" and he said "Yep!" lol it's sooo funny! I give it a 5 out of 5 because I'd definitely watch it again and it was great for knitting. Ok, I didn't knit while watching it but I have a headache lol! :)

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Jane Doe Jenn said...

Too cool! I love the way you rate movies with yarn! I have to look at my needles while knitting, which my husband doesn't like, so I would only knit during a movie with lots of talking to listen to.

I agree, Matthew is hot (that's in the vault!)
I haven't seen Fool's gold yet, but I plan on it.

I'm glad I've seen Number 23, as it looked so interesting I just had to see it. Even though I can't stand horror movies, but I do like mystery, drama, and good suspense. I can't handle things like Freddie (I am 9 years older than you, so don't know if you know who Freddie is), because I had nightmares of him as a child. So nothing to freaky for me. But Number 23 was worth watching (couldn't look away from the TV, so no knitting). I don't think I'll buy it, or watch it again. I would however, watch it with someone who has not seen it. That's always fun to watch someone try and figure it out when you already know the answer. My husband and I played the "23" game for the next few days - mentioning where things added up here and there. That was fun.