Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My DVD's, and horseshoe pics

Hey everyone! (She says as if 1000 people read this daily...) How is everyone?

Just thought I'd pop in real fast and talk about my dvd collection, since everyone who reads this is pretty much family or close friends. I'm working on my dvds. I've decided to keep a running thing in the sidebar saying what movies I have, and then another saying the ones I want... so in case there's a special occasion or something, you don't have to ask me what I want, because I pretty much either want that or yarn. Sound fun? Hey, look at how big it is already!

So yesterday, Emmy and I decided to drive to the horseshoe (OSU football stadium) And take a couple of pictures, so I'm sharing with you!
This is the practice field (one of them) behind the stadium.

There's a close up of the sign. And here's this.

I love this pic of us, with the wind blowing and the sign in the background... pretty cool.

Anyway, look for the DVD list in the sidebar!