Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Blog

Hey everyone! This is my first post on blogger. I'm really sick of yahoo, for the same reason that Angie was (her blog is listed with my other fave pages). It doesn't let you do enough. The only thing I'll miss is my avatar, which is this little cartoon person you get to dress up and stuff. Oh well, there's always messenger... Anyway, you can see my old blog @ I am knitting these armwarmers, and then when I'm done I'm going to make fingerless gloves to match them. The ones I'm making are just pink, but I think I'm going to make another pair with pink and white, or white and purple to match the purse I'm making... I'll be sure to take pictures of them when I get them done.

Here are some pictures of my apartment:

This is my entertainment center and the wall above it. It's so pretty...

This is my Global Fusion Hurricane that Linda got me for Christmas on top of the mirrored table runner that David got me. I love it! (Global fusion is a product line from Partylite).

This is my lovely kitchen...

This is the main living area; the living room, dining room, and you can see part of the kitchen on the far left. If you look really closely on the chair, you can see my dobby hat that I knitted!

And yes, this is my bathroom. I know, I'm insane. lol

This is the deck behind our apartment. Notice the air conditioning units? Okay, now look at the next picture.

See the ac there? That is to show you how close to my apartment the freeway it. See the semi through the trees? Creepy, huh?

Okay, that's all for the pics for now. Don't worry, there'll be more later. *grin*