Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Time for some pics!!!

Ok, this post is hideously picture heavy. Beware. :)

This first picture is my first ever sock... ok, the first bunch of pictures is my first ever sock.

More of my first sock.

This is my first sock right before the toes...

My first sock in the wash...


And on! But it's just a little too small...

Ok, the last picture of it. Ta da!!! It's a complete sock!!!

Ok, enough with "Broadripple." Here's my socks that rock, Lucy colorway.

I was about to wind it there. Now here it is in the "Dublin Bay" pattern.

Here is my wip box, and lots of yarn...

Some cotton yarn I got at a thrift store...

My baby alpaca... and my Anniversary Flowers...

Some FO's, including my very fist project, my harry potter dobby hat, my dishcloth, my "Calorimetry", and one "Fetching"

My branching out stole that is about to die...

And a close up of my very first fetching.

Here is the purse that shall not be named.

And, just for good measure... Becky and Zachary.

Just two more pictures. I promise. If you'll go back to my very first post, you'll see the wodds behind my apartment, in the winter. Here it is in the spring. It's a rain forest!!

And last but not least, Storm and Mattie!

Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm interchangeable!!!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Random Tuesday

Yep, I'm stealing so many other bloggers idea. I really don't have anything specific to blog about, so I thought I'd just lay it all on you. Let's see...

1) I finished my first ever sock. It's really cool... I mean, it looks just like a real sock, not silly like some knitted socks I've seen. I really love it... except it's too small. I thought it would grow in the wash, and it did, but not quit enough. It's just too tight over my ankle. I think it's the lace pattern, made the stitches a little tight. Pictures coming soon (In about 15 pictures... that's how many are on the camera.) Anyway, It looks soooo awesome, but I'm not gonna make another. I mean, I'm going to make another sock, I'm addicted now. But not another broadripple. I really like the way the pattern goes, but it's too much thought for a sock. I couldn't even take it to the movies cause I had to think about the pattern too much and the dark would've messed me up. I have enough of that yarn to do different socks, and I'm trying to find a good pattern... the problem is that the yarn isn't stretchy enough. So I'm working on it.

2) In the meantime, I've started the Dublin Bay socks, with my "Socks that rock" in the Lucy color. (That's a pdf file, in case you have dial-up or something...) I've done the ribbing and two repeats of the pattern, but I had to change it, because the gauge was 9.5 stitches per inch, and I was getting 8... and instead of going up a needle size, I just added 6 stitches to the pattern and adjusted it.

3) Still working on the stole. Let's not speak of it.

4) Same rule applies to the purse. If it's not a sock I'm not interested.

Actually, I was thinking about the purse... I should've done it in the round, I probably would've finished it by now if I had. Hmm... redo? Maybe. We'll see.

Anyway, that's all the fiber news, except I bought some black sock yarn for when Angie sends me my Kroy that she bought me. I'm really excited about it :)

What's new with life... well the Braves are in first place, and I'm talking to Emmy again. That's about it :)